The State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) has published the latest figures for Bavaria on its website. Emergency care will be expanded once again, so that from Monday pre-school children and their siblings will be able to go to kindergarten or nursery again. According to Bavaria's Prime Minister Söder keeping distance to others is still the most important measure to fight the coronavirus. However, employers are required to ensure the minimum distance of 1.5 metres between two people at work. [386][387] Andreas Geisel considered it an "act of modern piracy", SPD acting chairman Rolf Mützenich asked for an investigation and a response from the government,[388] and Berlin mayor Michael Müller blamed Trump for it and called it "inhuman and unacceptable". The ban on accommodation in Bavaria for travellers from German corona hotspots expires this Friday. Violations will be fined. The scheme, termed Novemberhilfe (November aid), received approval under the Temporary Framework of the European Commission. In Bavaria, 13 263 people have now been tested positive for the corona virus. [163][164], On 4 March, the crisis team considered the acquisition of more protection gear as an "extraordinary urgency". [54], According to reconstruction analysis published in September 2020, the outbreak at Webasto had not seeded the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy, with the evidence pointing instead to the latter outbreak having been initiated by cases imported directly from China. He has to consider the wishes of the employees. On 25 and 26 February, multiple cases related to the Italian outbreak were detected in Baden-Württemberg. Sports: For sports groups, the previous limit of 20 participants will be lifted as of tomorrow. "Even after the Easter holidays, things will not just go back to normal," said the CSU politician in a TV speech. The head of the Bavarian trade association, Puff, demanded that the legal requirements should be temporarily suspended. Families or two households can sit at one table, even with less distance. Active. In Memmingen, up to 106 people gathered on the marketplace. [182], On 11 March, having faced accusations of inaction the previous days, Merkel took the unusual step of dedicating an entire press conference on the topic of the COVID-19 crisis. In addition, State Minister of Economics Aiwanger announced that common sanitary facilities on campsites may be used again. Due to the current occurrence of infection, the Bavarian cabinet has decided to extend the current corona restrictions until December 20. Most dentists practices did not have FFP-2 masks and some considered closing their practices. With this application, the money can be applied for quickly and unbureaucratically (unfortunately only available in German). Where are the tests carried out? High school graduates can take more time to apply for restricted admission courses. [285][286] In Hamburg, police dissolved an unauthorised assembly of 350 people at Reeperbahn and later another one at Sternschanze, where some rioters threw objects at them. About 300 people were sent off. Everyone is encouraged to keep contact with other people outside of their own household to an absolute minimum. The intensive time in the families, for example. [328], On 28 October, as the number of new reported infections continued to rise and the established system of tracing of contacts of confirmed positive cases was no longer possible to maintain in Berlin,[329] Chancellor Angela Merkel and the leaders of the 16 German states convened for an emergency video conference, after which they announced a partial lockdown, promoted by the government as "wave break", effective from 2–30 November. According to Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD), this decision must be made "at the end of May, beginning of June at the latest". This was reported by the newspaper referring to information from the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI). [136], On 24 February, the Light + Building Trade Fair in Frankfurt was postponed until September. [262], On 31 March, Jena was the first major German city to announce an obligation to wear masks, or makeshift masks including scarves, in supermarkets, public transport, and buildings with public traffic. Upon arrival, they were quarantined in Rhineland-Palatinate for 14 days. The government explained the glitch with missing software and an unexpected large number of volunteers tested. However, it emphasized that in the event of religious gatherings it was ultimately necessary to check whether "an exceptional permit could be granted in individual cases". Anyone who violates the rules must expect high fines. There are no prospects for fitness centres to reopen yet. Travel: Travelling to other federal states over the holidays is permitted. According to the wish of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, border controls will be completely eliminated after June 15. A protective mask will also be prescribed. However, small and fixed groups with permanent teachers should continue to be formed. Services: Personal care services such as beauty salons, massage practices, tattoo studios and similar establishments must also close. The wellness areas within hotel complexes and the common sanitary areas on campsites may also be used by guests again. Besides that, construction markets, garden centers, nurseries and flower shops are allowed to reopen. On Monday (11.5.) At the beginning of March, the key figure was three. He considers, however, a period of several months realistic, until late summer. Tourism: As of Wednesday, river cruise ships in Bavaria will be allowed to set off again. In the next school year, the wearing of face masks will be mandatory on the premises of all types of schools in the Free State, including primary schools. The start of the Abitur examinations in Bavaria has been postponed because of the corona pandemic: instead of April 30, they will now begin almost 14 days later on May 12, 2021. "As of tomorrow, all rates will be raised once more", said minister of finance, Hubert Aiwanger. After the district of Rottal-Inn officially exceeded the limit of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days, new corona measures will apply there from Thursday. The additional measures will initially apply until October 2. Cologne forbid all events in the city centre. Refugee organisations demanded smaller residencies, including accommodation in hotels and hostels. On Wednesday passenger services at Munich Airport’s Terminal 1 will be withdrawn. In their Whitsun sermons on this Whit Sunday, bishops in Bavaria have called on people to remain hopeful even in times of corona. The minimum physical distance requirement of 1.5 metres is dropped for groups from at most two households. The ministry explained to the press that they had received the messages but deemed itself not responsible and that the numerous offers could not be replied to due to prioritisation. A spokesperson for the Bavarian Ministry of Health confirmed this to the BR. The amateur league season won’t be continued until August 31. [375], In March, car manufacturers announced donations of several hundred thousand masks to hospitals, and health authorities. They demand a clear timetable from politicians of when their companies may reopen. Due to the corona virus, vehicles with even or odd license plate numbers were alternately allowed in the past weeks, depending on the calendar day. Then, the boats can leave again in many places. Some experts suggest behaving as if you were already ill. That would mean reducing any social contact. There were 324 violations of the current exit restrictions. Schools and kindergartens would remain open. The Federal Ministry of Justice denies a media report that the federal government is working on the legal preparations for a curfew in Germany. In addition to FFP2 masks, masks with an equivalent standard of protection (such as N95 or KN95) are also permitted. "Changing from winter to summer tires or if you have worn-out tires counts as a valid reason to leave the apartment and go to an auto repair shop within the current restrictions on movement," Herrmann is quoted in a press release. More are only allowed if two households or close relatives meet. This also includes children. In terms of childcare, however, there is an exception: families and neighbours can organise childcare in the form of "contact families" from Monday. On Wednesday evening, Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) said in an interview with the BR that the Oktoberfest was on the brink. Only for singing, churches must continue to ensure restraint due to the danger of infection. The information entered on the website will be forwarded to the health authorities at the traveller's destination. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions are in place for entry into Germany from a large number of countries. Italy has prolonged the regulations of movement until Easter. Armin Laschet, Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, had previously not ruled out a curfew for the future. In addition, a face mask only needs to be worn when entering and leaving the church. The police also had a lot to do in the other government districts. Border controls to Luxembourg will be omitted completely starting from today. Söder warned: "If we loosen the measures too soon, we risk relapse". Shops: From December 1, large shops will be subject to new regulations: up to a maximum shop area of 800 square metres, only one customer per ten square metres will continue to be allowed, whereas shops larger than 800 square metres will be permitted to have one customer per 20 square metres. Exceptions are grocery stores, beverage stores, banks, pharmacies, drug stores, medical supply stores, opticians, hearing care professionals, branches of Deutsche Post AG, pet supplies, DIY and garden centers, petrol stations, dry cleaners and online retail. 14,810 people have caught the virus in Bavaria. The Bavarian Ministry of Health now wants to test employees of slaughterhouses in Bavaria for a corona infection. For this reason, a night-time curfew will apply there with immediate effect and until further notice. The ARD programme ‘Plusminus’ refers to the Federal Ministry of Health in a preliminary report. It is not allowed to visit people from a different household, not even over Easter. Due to the high numbers of corona infections, the cities of Rosenheim and Augsburg have announced that they are bringing forward the implementation of the far-reaching restrictions planned throughout Germany for Monday to today's Friday. Starting on Monday, the mask requirement in shops, buses and trains will apply in Bavaria - for children from the age of six. According to current figures from the Robert Koch Institute, more than half of those infected with the coronavirus have recovered in Germany. There were also difficulties reported with the delivery of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which Pfizer ascribed to renovation work in its Belgium plant. Schools: From Wednesday, all vocational schools in Bavaria will switch to distance learning. Among others it would allow the health ministry to prohibit border crossings, track the contacts of infected persons and enlist doctors, medicine students and other health care workers in the efforts against an infectious disease. The BR traffic desk also does not expect any major rush on the roads during the day. Instead of face masks, transparent protective walls, such as those made of acrylic glass, can be used in the designated areas. There is a 24-hour guarantee for this group of people: they are to be tested within 24 hours, and the results are to be available within another 24 hours. Do I have to go to work? From then on, according to the State Chancellery, face masks will only be compulsory for visitors to theatres, concert halls and cinemas as long as they are not in their seats. The new loosening, which will apply from Wednesday, affects private celebrations and conferences, tourism, the leisure branch and sports. But it is still forbidden to enter those countries for tourism, shopping or refueling. The federal government and the federal states have agreed on how to gradually normalize public life in the Corona crisis. The restriction of movement, which was installed all over Bavaria last midnight, has largely been abode. Operations to Chicago will resume on Tuesday and to Los Angeles and Tel Aviv on Wednesday. Damit steigt die Zahl in Baden-Württemberg auf", "Erster Corona-Fall in Karlsruhe bestätigt – Patient im Städtischen Klinikum", Tobias Knaack : "Infektionsfall bestätigt – Mann aus Blaustein auf Flug nach China positiv getestet", "Aktuell nur noch geringes Infektionsgeschehen (Update)", "Coronavirus in Bavaria: How the German state is dealing with the spread of the virus", "Germany confirms first case of coronavirus", "Drei weitere Coronavirus-Fälle in Bayern – Zusammenhang mit dem ersten Fall – Bayerns Gesundheitsministerin Huml: Am Mittwoch sollen vorsichtshalber rund 40 Personen getestet werden", "Aktuelle Informationen zur Coronavirus-Lage in Bayern- Bayerisches Gesundheitsministerium: Jetzt insgesamt sechs Fälle", "Aktuelle Informationen zur Coronavirus-Lage in Bayern – Bayerisches Gesundheitsministerium: Jetzt insgesamt neun Fälle", "Aktuelle Informationen zur Coronavirus-Lage in Bayern – Bayerisches Gesundheitsministerium: Jetzt insgesamt elf Fälle", "Aktuelle Informationen zur Coronavirus-Lage in Bayern- Bayerisches Gesundheitsministerium: Ein neuer Fall im Landkreis Fürstenfeldbruck bestätigt", "Aktuelle Informationen zur Coronavirus-Lage in Bayern – Bayerisches Gesundheitsministerium: 8. Measured by the number of inhabitants, the city of Mitterteich is considered a hotspot of Covid 19 diseases throughout Germany. Accordingly, test stations at the border crossings Walserberg (A8), Pocking (A3) and Kiefersfelden (A93) will probably be built this week. [60] In January 2021, Huml was moved to a position in the Bavarian State Chancellery. Beer gardens may therefore be open again until 8.00 pm. Leisure branch: At leisure facilities, indoor areas such as indoor-playgrounds and escape rooms will be allowed to open again from Wednesday. This restriction also applies to visits of restaurants in the area of the city of Würzburg. [139], On 26 February, following the confirmation of multiple COVID-19 cases in North Rhine-Westphalia, Heinsberg initiated closure of schools, swimming pools, libraries and the town hall until 2 March. The danger of infection would be too high. From today on (02.05.2020) the food bank (Tafelladen) in Karlstadt in the administrative district Main-Spessart opens every Saturday. It is funding separation devices between driver and passenger with four million euros. Many have not adhered to the currently applicable rules. The partial lockdown in Germany is extended beyond December 20 until January 10. In the corona crisis, FC Bayern is supporting the 18 regional league clubs in Bavaria and the Bavarian State Sports Association (BLSV) with a total of 460,000 euros. In shops and in public transport, people in Bavaria should wear protective masks over their mouths and noses, so-called "community masks" are recommended. A mask requirement has been in force in Rosenheim since Wednesday. More children are allowed to go to emergency care in daycare centers and schools. will only be allowed for necessary and non-touristic purposes. [206] After public outrage over flights from Iran still landing in Germany without tests or quarantine, the German Ministry of Transport stopped all flights from Iran and China. There is an exception for life partners and separated parents, whose child lives sometimes at one parent, sometimes at the other's. As in supermarkets access will be restricted and there will be protective shields on the checkout. The number of COVID-19 infections had nearly doubled to more than 1200 within the last few days, which put pressure on the government to act. A risk analysis predicted how dangerous a global coronavirus outbreak could be. A maximum of 100 guests are permitted for outdoor events, and in closed rooms, a maximum of 50 guests. As soon as there is a vaccine, it would be good if many people get vaccinated. After so many weeks hospitals and nurseries are worried that there will be too many visitors this weekend. It was detected in a woman who had been travelling by plane from London to Frankfurt. According to Minister of Education Piazolo, this postponement is intended to provide pupils with a relief in terms of time for their Abitur preparations. Like the mutation originally detected in the United Kingdom, it appeared to be more transmissible than the original strain of the virus. The Gäubodenvolksfest 2020 should have taken place from August 7th to 17th this year. In addition, all nursery schools in the district and, as of Monday, many shops will have to close. Juni verlängert, Diese Einschränkungen gelten in den Bundesländern. Measure for growth: Number of new cases per day and 100,000 inhabitants. Starting from next week, the recycling depot in Volkach will be open on the usual opening hours: on Wednesdays from 3.30 to 5.30 pm and on Saturdays from 9.30 to 12.00 am. ", "Bavaria becomes first German state to impose lockdown", "Bundesweite Ausgangssperre rückt näher", "Söder erntet überparteilich Kritik für Corona-Kurs", "German states move closer to near-total lockdowns", "Lufthansa gibt Mundschutzmasken an Gesundheitsbehörden ab", "Zahl der Corona-Fälle in Asylheimen steigt: Laut Innenministerium jetzt 24 Infizierte", "Kontaktverbote über zwei Personen, Friseure zu – Darauf haben sich Bund und Länder geeinigt", "Staatsregierung beschließt Ausgangsbeschränkungen im Freistaat", "Corona-Hilfe in Millionenhöhe: VW kauft in China Medizingeräte auf eigene Rechnung und will sie schon in den nächsten Tagen nach Deutschland einfliegen", "Germany launches 750 billion euro package to fight coronavirus", "Heinsberger Landrat bittet China um Hilfe", "Es fehlen Masken, Brillen, Kittel – wann Nachschub kommt, ist unklar", "Spahn versprach Millionen Schutzmasken – doch Ärzte klagen über leere Lagerhallen", "Alibaba spendet Masken und Corona-Testkits", "Corona: Beiersdorf spendet Desinfektionsmittel", "Sechs Millionen Corona-Schutzmasken spurlos verschwunden", "Germany loses six million coronavirus face masks in Kenya", "Alkoholhersteller helfen bei Engpässen von Desinfektionsmittel", "Zahlen-Chaos: Bonner Virologe zeigt mit 3 Beispielen, warum wir im Corona-Dilemma stecken", "German parliament suspends debt brake to fight coronavirus outbreak", "Die wichtigsten Corona-Nachrichten vom Mittwoch", "German firm Bosch to cut coronavirus test time 'to 2½ hours, "Bosch develops Corona test tool to detect virus in under three hours", "New Virus Test Shortens Wait to 2.5 Hours From Two Days", "Deutschland weist Asylbewerber an der Grenze zurück / Seehofer weitet Einreisebeschränkungen wegen Coronakrise aus", "Corona-Live-Ticker vom 27. Hundreds of tourists might have contracted the Corona virus in the Tyrolean ski resort of Ischgl. [310][311], On 29 June, it was proclaimed by Laschet and Laumann that the lockdown of Warendorf district would end on the night of 30 June, while it would be extended in Gütersloh district by another week. It builds on the concept of the European consortium PEPP-PT, Bluetooth radio technology should be used. From tomorrow, Wednesday (July 1), people will no longer need to wear a face mask in their seats at cultural events. [79], On 27 February, Heinsberg confirmed fourteen new cases: nine from Gangelt, two from Selfkant, one from the city of Heinsberg, one from Düsseldorf and one from Herzogenrath. After the corona summit of the federal and state governments, the Bavarian cabinet has extended the lockdown until February 14. Starting Monday Tierpark Hellabrunn will reopen - but with limited access. In addition, there is a nationwide ban on public assembly on New Year's Eve. Students are supposed to go to school on a weekly basis to minimize the risk of infection. The EU and Robert Koch Institute emphasised that masks and disinfectants should not be used by healthy private persons. Meetings: On New Year's Eve, a maximum of five adults from two households plus associated children under the age of 14 are allowed to meet. The sauna and wellness areas in the hotels are still closed despite corona loosening. [290] On 9 May, the RKI gave the number of infections in the Coesfeld district in the past week as 76 cases per 100,000, while all other districts in North Rhine-Westphalia were reported to have remained considerably below the government-set threshold of 50 cases per 100,000. Some 77 other individuals were wanted for testing, but did not respond or had left Germany on vacation when local authorities started the investigation. Many employees wonder whether they can cancel approved vacation days. From Monday, staff in counter or checkout areas will also no longer have to wear face masks if they are protected by plexiglass panels. On 22 January 2020, the German government considered the spread of COVID-19 as a "very low health risk" for Germans and the virus in general as "far less dangerous" than SARS. After an eight-week break, the beer gardens in Bavaria have opened again today. [200] The video presented COVID-19 as a justified reflex of nature by preferentially killing the old in the developed world, who ruined the planet with global warming and turbocapitalism, to the effect of less pollution and overpopulation. Find more information here. This is the result of a decision by the Munich KVR today, which has been submitted to the BR. Because of the corona crisis, however, short-time workers have recently been able to make an additional income in system-relevant industries. Only exceptions are US citizens, certain diplomats and Europeans with a "Green Card" and their next of kin. [131], At a press conference on 28 January, the Federal Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, stated that he was only worrying about conspiracy theories that were circulating on the Internet, and that the Federal Government would counter this problem through full transparency. [239] Hospitals and doctors urged the government again to address the lack of masks and other protection gear. Until Pentecost compulsory attendance won’t be very strict for example for teachers and students with pre-existing conditions or students whose parents belong to any risk group. Before the expected rush to the recreation areas at Whitsun, the police warn excursionists to be considerate - especially when parking. This situation, the as yet unclear effect of the relaxation of the gathering rules over Christmas on infection numbers, and the uncertainties associated with the appearance of a particularly infectious strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the United Kingdom prompted the government on 5 January 2021 to extend the lockdown to the end of the month. As of today, the Corona regulations have been loosened in some areas: hairdressers are allowed to do haircuts, and people can attend divine services again, but there, too, clear rules of hygiene apply. This was confirmed by the Straubing-Bogen district office. Because they are afraid of becoming infected with the coronavirus, many parents no longer take their children to the doctor, according to doctors. Experts assume that the number of unreported cases is high. A large cluster linked to a carnival event was for… This was attributed to the collapse in exports as well as health protection measures during the pandemic; the latter had shut down whole industries such as those related to conferences and concerts. He said that hospitals would prepare for them. Mask requirement: A temporary mask requirement can be introduced at highly frequented locations within the corona hotspots. That is 39 more than on April 10. According to the latest figures of the Robert Koch Institute, the number of Corona cases has risen by 4,610 since yesterday. [295], On 15 May, it was reported that Labour Minister Hubertus Heil was to present a government proposal on 18 May to Germany's "corona cabinet", aimed at improving hygiene standards in meat processing plants through measures including prohibition of subcontractors. The Bavarian Administrative Court has now provisionally repealed this rule. Indoor swimming pools as well as the indoor areas of thermal baths and hotel swimming pools, including the wellness and sauna facilities, may then be reopened. The Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, stated that the government was prepared for a stimulus package to mitigate the economical impact. [230] Lufthansa donated 920,000 breathing masks to the health authorities. Further destinations are to be added soon. [190] The Kultusministerkonferenz debated whether the virus could threaten the upcoming Abitur school-leaving examination. The judges granted the emergency appeal by two Austrian pupils attending a grammar school in the district of Berchtesgadener Land. Since vacation abroad is unlikely this year, the local catering and hotel industry can count on a "rush", according to Söder. Commuters travelling by train from Augsburg to Munich now have more travel options again. Restrictions on movement: From Wednesday onwards, general restrictions on movement will apply in Bavaria. Under the new regulations, schools will be closed. [92] Six people tested positive in Münster. The routes to San Francisco, Montreal, Delhi and Seoul and to 30 European cities are scheduled to follow in mid-June. The Munich Taxi Association thus wants to support medical staff during the Corona crisis. A general obligation to wear masks in public, not supported by the federal government and most regional governments, was discussed. Daycare centers and preschools should also remain closed for the time being. In order to protect your skin from getting dry, you should also apply moisturizer from time to time. [243], On 24 March, a delivery of 6 million protective masks of type FFP-2 ordered by the German central provisioning to protect health workers was reported missing at an airport in Kenya.

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