Breaks and separations. we laugh, my business partner and I, since his vehicle looks like a koop, with roosting features. In 1956, the United Kingdom and France joined Israel to invade Egypt. Time to get real and get angry. Like Google maps… But if your phone dies, I bet you can still get there everyday Your postings have been helping me get through this horrid time. I juni-juli kan progressive Månes konjunktion med progressive Saturn afstedkomme vanskeligheder og … For me 2018 was really a much harder year which culminated in us having to sell our house to pay for the debts incurred by my business. Your role. Only two were women. Can you encourage them to do that? To stay in a marriage, i just have one strong reason, thats my son 2.5 yo. Would love to here your interpretation of any significant factors in my chart, and perhaps some further information on Salacia, sitting at 24 Capricorn. What could this mean for me, please help me to understand? Children. LinkedIn. The opposition. Jen, you’ll spend a long time caught between old and new in 2020. The North Node in Cancer in your Fourth House of relatives (mum’s side and dad’s side) is also about where you can plant yourself and where you belong. Your wardrobe. It’s always the past with this country, but what happens in 2020 is really interesting, because you end up with an energetic, very young, new, white generation of Millennials who want to get rid of the past, if it holds South Africa back. The Nodes work as a loop or circle in time, and feed off each other, backwards and forwards. This was a power play – Pluto being the great symbol of control. Thank you. Obviously, organisations like Twitter. Your son or daughter. Thanks for all your work and insight Planning to move back as soon as I get my citizenship process completed. You may return to study as you would be very tempted. Priests and the Roman Catholic Church. Phase shifted to Signs where Venus is in extremis. These last years have been quite difficult (precarious accommodation, enemies at work, hopelessly single) and I am wondering if 2020 should be a year I should dread or look forward to. Please could you take a look?. Moreover, I am still trying to figure out my Saturn transit lessons. If you have any two, the third can be calculated. It was founded with Neptune at 22 Virgo. Jupiter conjunct Pluto natal gives an incredibly strong need to make it big in the world. She was also ‘born’ on 7th November 1917, at 11.12pm, with Neptune at 7 Leo. There’s a lot to take in in this post! Profession or industry. Also, how will Australia be affected? They also spell the downfall, very specifically, of any person, group or organisation which had total control before, or was abusing power. Both couples have struggled this year to get to this point with the first piece of work scheduled for early February next year. Thousands of prisoners were freed from the Gulag. You are much better off using the Astrology Oracle cards and guidebook that comes with membership, the Tarot cards on this website, and the brand new Oracle guidebook. Does it happen? and then it is compounded by the political climate here in the U.S. as well as around the world and seems like everyone has lost their minds. Business or employment. You will have Pluto going through your Fifth House of past relationships, any previous attempts at pregnancy, and young generations in the family or friendship circle. Any system or structure that does not serve you has to go, and inside it, any organisations or people which just don’t suit you or fit you. ... @VeronicaTODARO2 Brilliant, Veronica. The new controls around the world are reorganised. If you really were born at that time, then 2020 will bring you to a massive crossroads about this person and the choice to stay involved or go. I don’t know how things ended up such a mess. The sign of politics and big business. The top of the mountain. It can take time and effort, and a reasonable amount of detoxing, but he always wins the day. She was born with Saturn at 29 Capricorn in the Tenth House of government, big business and high society. Your yoga, meditation, non-profit volunteering and new connection with God are part of your early call into the Aquarius weather. The housework. Jupiter konjunktion Pluto: , Dagens individuelle temaer i det gratis Dagshoroskop af Robert Hand. Or choose a membership plan to create your chart. We would not today have the full and complete end of Apartheid, for example, or the end of the Nazi control of Europe, without those Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions. I have read with sadness all the comments on this blog and how hard a time most people have had in 2019. You also need to centre, ground and stop burning the candle at both ends. He is passionate, obsessive, sexually driven. What you stand for. High Society. Your back is actually crying out for it, if your doctor lets you. The second career path which was slow going is something you should persist with, please. It is the end of total control in favour of a new world. Abortion. Since Gates does not have a wide knowledge and spiritual development (, you can expect even more severe lockdowns in November when Jupiter and Pluto contact closely, followed in the spring by Gates’ lethal injection disguised as a vaccine, and with a microchip for those unfortunate enough to survive the injection. Thanks for a great article, Nadia. So you see, your horoscope has been pushed and pulled for around two years now. Your actual house, garden or apartment. You need to ground, centre and come back to yourself. An ongoing soapie, and I’m sure you are fed up with the rewinds. Unfounded fear and worry. The legacies left to you. This feels so much more about your husband and yourself, and the state of your marriage, than anything else. Friendships, groups and associations, wishes and dreams… those get transformed, too? In 2020 there is a concept or brainwave with stunning potential which could go so much further, as the Sagittarius South Node cycle comes around again. It comes from the notion that as the North Node is the Dragon’s Head, this is where you eat, and the South Node is the Dragon’s Tail -this is where you excrete. You may be living with depression so please go and talk to your doctor, or a healer. I have had many ah! This is too wide for a trine to Uranus at 22 Virgo, but you’ll classically find specific work or professional outcomes (or unpaid work) whenever planets pass over 22, 23, 24 degrees of the earth signs – Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction was in Scorpio. Am 23. It’s time to get good with money. One is people power, as the group supports itself, away from the corporation, and creates its own rival economy. If it was never there, at least you had the best to help. The most important Pluto/Jupiter conjunction this year is the Heliocentric Conjunction, 31 July, when the female Democrat presidential candidate running mate is announced. Get online and stay online. It provides a good few laughs too, eg. Artificial insemination. You may be affected (check your personal chart for Cancer-Capricorn factors, which is always a clue). In South Africa the focus was on land ownership. A fascinating blog giving me renewed hope and optimism for the future (which I always have as a Sun Leo and a highly spiritual person). Gemini – Family money. That is the 2020 message for you. moments as I experience life and what you have predicted. For me, my natal Libra stellium includes a tight Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in the 11th house and Mercury and Saturn in Libra in the 10th house. Pluto v konjunkci, sextilu nebo trigonu s Neptunem. Your mortgage. The link takes you to the helio Jupiter/Pluto, the prominent feature: Golden boomerang Yod. Back comes a past life and some past karma from around 2001, and going back in 19 year cycles. A bias check summary is found here He is always bearded. A deep change in the balance of power in South Africa with a wave of great hope for the future. The pyramid. Let’s look at Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions and what they have delivered in the past, all the way back to the last war. I’m hoping that it’s a positive for me (Jupiter 24 degrees in Virgo) as it forms a trine to these conjunctions next year? Her astrology books include Astrolove, Handbag Horoscopes and 2020 Vision (Penguin) and the #1 Amazon bestseller 2020 Astrology – Your Five Year Horoscope Guide. Libra – Your family circle. Jupiter Konjunktion Stigende. That’s your main story in 2020. yes the birth time minute is spot on. Also would like to be in a true relationship, when do you see that happening for me? It has gotten me thinking if I could use astrology to ask my husband (born on January 15, 1956 , 11:00 a.m. (latitude 17.284640 and longitude 74.331240) more time to initiate the divorce (that he wants but I do not) proceedings until after Saturn and Pluto are out of Capricorn, and the North node is out of Cancer (May 2020), in hopes that once these 3 move on, that his heart may soften and he might atleast open communication with me to see if he would be open to salvage our marriage? The aftermath of these historic Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions, when good triumphed against tyranny, despotism, dictatorship or dominance – speaks for itself. There is a lot of bewildering nonsense published about astrology on the internet and in some rather dated old books and this business about the North Node being ‘taking in’ and South Node being ‘letting go’ is just one example. I have asteroid salacia at 24 cap. I’m living across two countries and don’t know where I belong, my marriage is falling apart, my relationship with my extended family is in tatters, my ‘career’ is not stable – currently working, but post will end early 2020 and my financial situation is going backwards. Jupiter is the healer. Jessica Adams B.A.. has written horoscopes for Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Bloomingdale’s and Marie Claire during a global career as a professional astrologer. He is a Taurus sun at 8 degrees which next year will have Uranus conjunct it and also in trine with his 8 degrees Capricorn MC. The current Jupiter-Pluto transit is squaring my Jupiter-Pluto-Mercury conjunction in Libra! Venus 19Lib19’55” The establishment. This is a home computer. We can change the world! You are strongly Capricorn and have been doing it tough. I have North node at 23 Capricorn. Social rank. Through this unusual awards ceremony, we know this day is important to the evolution, The Rise of Cosmogenesis Art, and its placement in the collective as The Art Basel Banana. Age is no barrier to future employment and in fact it’s online for you. Top notch excrements have moved on… And some elderly got an early pass into their heaven… The super foul had to go in spite of of their ability to reason… Our spiritual equator is looking closer and closer to me these days Write it down, and lock it up somewhere, or shred it later. Auffallend ist die stets starke Konzentration auf ein Ziel. Duets. Sagittarius – Your PayPal loan. You are almost there but you need to own your astrology and make it work for you. It needs to be planted in the right environment or it will perish. This helps you enormously and then you will feel ready to move on. Jupiter Sekstil Jupiter. You managed to move back to Britain in time for another Jupiter/Pluto conjunction at 28 Sagittarius. Your generosity will be repaid and you could make new and influential friends. It happens! it’s sad that so much potential went to waste. Other sources used include RT and Sputnik, which they openly criticize as Russian Propaganda in other articles.”, The summary concludes that in general, SPR ” is a conspiracy website that is not credible due to poor sourcing and lack of transparency.” Spot on! Uranus is a very old symbol of the word ‘No’ and yourself included, those who have put up and shut up, are just refusing to do that any more. ), November 12, 3rd conjunction, November 12 Psychics and astrologers. Did you know there is a new guidebook, Your Oracle, available to you as a Premium Member? We’ve had some Cancer-Capricorn weather to contend with, in 2019. Both of them show Pluto at 27 Capricorn the sign of government. This is a formal network, like a society, private members’ club, football team, political party and so on – or an informal group, like your friends on Twitter. I have Uranus at 22 Virgo! Jupiter, planète de l'expansion, attise tout ce qu'elle touche.Ses effets vont de l'épanouissement, à l'excès, de la bienveillance à l'inconscience, du courage à la témérité. You will be in a different place by 2021 and out of a miserable situation. I returned to work post a lovely holiday mid January finding my name being smeared and the trust of my boss smashed, I still haven’t got to the bottom of what this was about. Your food. There is a right way to navigate those two and put them to work for your advantage. Hi Jessica, do you see any relocation and/or career boost in my chart? You will make good use of this waiting game, and be enlightened spiritually, mentally, emotionally. You two may well talk. Any glimmers of hope, greatly appreciated :) There is hope! i have taken on this position and while I am not receiving salary at this point, is promised potential as well as shares in the company. We also see endless delays and waiting games, as very little moves or progresses. Repetitive time. A tale of two palaces and the zodiac sign Leo – and a tale of leadership. Both asking for it, or cutting a deal. Or Were. Astrology is history. Find your core, not just physically, but also with your base sacral chakra and whole system, actually. You can put 2019 behind you. Infants. If you act morally and ethically you will grow spiritually and materially. there were wars and ultimately the settlers won. Now had complete reversal in my business, everything has come to a stop. Sagittarius rules foreign countries and foreigners. Your income. There is also a life which is very much about ‘my people and my place’ waiting, if one can only do the work. This was the transfer of power in the revolution and the horoscope which shows true, Communist Russia. Capricorn – Your reputation. This was a collaboration government, shunned by many working people and students. Jupiter Sekstil Stigende. DinP xx. YouTube. Adoption. Interpretation of the planet Jupiter in aspect to Pluto in astrology. If you are feeling ill then it’s gone too far. I have followed the advise Jessica for many years, moved away from home, studied more, tried another career path ( slow going there but like it). At the very worst, this archetype is one of a cult leader who abuses his power in order to have sex with his disciples. Remembering Pluto-Jupiter is about a major power shift – it is important to note that in 1956 France recognised Moroccan independence and Spain renounced control over most of her territories. Journalism and broadcasting. It is unusual, not normal, and will be out of your life completely by 2023, with massive improvements from December 2019, December 2020. Interns. I’m good at what I do but I’m sick of the people who do nothing and sit in judgement. Thank you. I am sorry about this cycle – but it does get better once Jupiter goes into Capricorn, too. Edward Higgins White 0°21′, Nathan Lane 0°26′, Arsenio Hall 0°27′, Bill Gates 0°34′, Johnny Rotten 0°48′, Michael Stich 0°56′, Nevil Maskelyne 1°00′, Leopold Stokowski 1°03′, Whoopi Goldberg 1°07′, Mick Jagger 1°12′, Louis Braille 1°14′, Bjorn Borg 1°14′, Martha Graham 1°30′, Marshall Applewhite 1°36′, Jim Jones 2°06′, Mohandas Gandhi 2°31′, Mel Gibson 2°43′. In the mean time they find ways to solve it (the good side of Jupiter), medicines, but it takes time. thank you so so much. My plan certainly fits your suggestion, don’t you think? This can manifest as blessed parenthood or a stellar career with younger people – or unpaid work. The Republic of South Africa was founded, or born, on 31st May 1961 at 00.00 EET in Pretoria. You might have been watching takeovers. Hi Jessica Hi Jessica, thank you for an amazing article, gave me such hope in what seems like a dark time in many areas for me. There is another group going, going, gone – and that’s the uber Capricorn people in their twenties or thirties who are trying to take shortcuts for success and elbowing anything or anybody in their path. Thanks again! The computer went from being an enormous machine at Bletchley Park, filling an entire shed, to an IBM invention – a little thing called a 5150. Thanks, As this will be trining my Sun, Saturn, and Pluto in 2020 will it affect this at all or is this all just Cancer North Node related? Your company. How exciting!! Another change in the balance of power, this time for working-class French people. can you maybe give me a little insight on all my confusion? Jason, those two sources of yours carry no research weight whatsoever (your suggestion is also sheer lunacy!) Beim ersten … Therefore, I was reading all possible lesson scenarios: (a) as being Capricorn and having Saturn transit in Capricorn/10H; (b) as current Saturn transit in my 3H/Gemini; (c) as approaching transit to my Aquarius Saturn/11H; and (d) as approaching transit to my 4H/Aquarius. So right around the end of July, beginning of August, the running mate is selected. The contents of your will. Essentially, you will be personally affected by massive transformations – to everybody’s benefit – in the corporate, business and government world. This is more than just a massive commute or bi-coastal (bi-city?) I rent a little house in a beautiful National Park (since 2012, having lost both my parents to cancer), of which I am very fond of. Don’t forget there are two solid gold people waiting for you. A coalition government of national unity came to South Africa. 22Cap51’50. Of course the lives of many and the economy will be ruined. Once we get into November helio Saturn and Jupiter align, and we soon see the results. Like many others you are being sucked in to collectively losing the plot…just look at Gates’ work on toilets for goodness sake, to get your reality check! Before you can wield power you must submit to it. Symmetry. The United States also has a few charts. With MC 21° Capricorn 32′ 54″, Jupiter 19° Aries 23′ 48″ R and Nodes at 22° what sort of change can I expect next year? (Or the good women). Your intense drive and ambition make you determined, persistent, and sometimes ruthless. Travel and travelers. Graceful lady with an iron grip, eldest of 10 siblings. Repair work. Which area of your life has been affected, and where are you long overdue for hope, optimism, growth, expansion, remedies, repair work, solutions, big answers, win-win outcomes, empowerment and control in 2020? Those who were born between July 1947 and July 1969 will get the chance to value life more in the way that their chart will indicate (where is your Pluto? I am a Cap with many Cap and Virgo factors in the range of numbers you have referenced in the article. As stated, Jupiter-Pluto contacts are the most exceptional for research and they have such large ambition. Corporations, institutions, big business or government structures and the like do not ‘say who you are.’. Power will change, that is Pluto. Again, the sign of leadership. In terms of the end of bullies – I am involved in garbage litigation with my ex-business partner which we hope will end soon, and at my new position, there is a female subordinate who doesn’t want to work hard and I suspect has a sexist attitudes towards how women should act (I’m a direct communicator who does not hesitate to ask for what I want). The people and place you belong to most. For you 2020 is about a teacher, mentor, guide or guru. Alternatively, you would use what you know, and whatever qualifications you have, to be the voice of wisdom for others. So you are not alone. On the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at 28 Scorpio we find Japan’s coalition government collapsing. We have a strong Uranus in Taurus transit next year, so this is a financial change for you. This is also Japan’s new trade relations. Now the Jupiter-Pluto comes in threes. Podcasting and websites. Or is it me that will go? They’re also destined to go overboard! I have no dates, no times, or no particularly other reason to pay and be thankful that at the end of 2020 you Thank God for covering you and keeping you… Whether you know it or not, this year was a beautiful cleansing! Since December 2017 I have been going through hell, including your mentioned: bullying, mobbing, harassment, lost career, heartbreak and etc. Do you see any freedom for me from all this trap? You’ll decide if you’re going to try and save these broken relationships, or just kick them out of your life and walk away. Another question- or topic rather…I recently read an article about “yods” in the birth chart. When war came Churchill explored radio (Gemini) to reach a foreign audience (Sagittarius) in France, America and other places for the allies and the resistance (Sagittarius) using his oratory skills (Gemini) to make some of the most stirring speeches (Gemini) in world history, changing the course of the war in Europe and beyond (Sagittarius). The Law. I am reading and watching closely. So, one adopts a religion or even a foreign place and its people – as one’s own. It is also important to consider spiritual self-development because power and success could easily go to your head. Digital and traditional publishing. You will now slowly be taking your power back. Some of my books are for sale on Amazon and Booktopia, Barnes and Noble and W.H. Will I join the ranks of all the other good women leaving politics? Ten million people went on strike. Since is in conjunction with Pallas and connected to the Pluto-return on 12th january 2020 in conjunction with Saturn and Mercury and Pluto was ther 248y ago when BOE started money-printing …..very possible their circel is now game-over. At the other end we have the South Node of repetition and soul debts (and soul credits) in Capricorn in your Tenth House of work. What I’ve done for myself, I can now do for others. You will decide to either get rid of previous bad memories or toxic situations in 2020, or repair them. Leo rules palaces and the Communist Party Congress that year was held in the Great Kremlin Palace. She was also ‘born’ on 7th November 1917, at 11.12pm, with Neptune at 7 Leo. Your Buddhism. Youth culture. This is also connected to your sexuality, but that’s another story. That is just one degree away from the Jupiter-Pluto alignment at 28 Scorpio, right opposite. The strike ended with major concessions on pay, conditions and trade union rights. While looking at 2019 I feel that I am learning Aquarius lessons (reconsidering friendships and people around me), but on the other hand I have issues to find a job and I am reconsidering my perception on hierarchy. Warmest Regards, Er fødselstidspunktet inden kl. Your husband. A change in the balance of power for Mexico, Spain and America. Correct. Midwives. They thought it was a cat.... @Birmingham_81 @rockyoriordan Happy Birthday to you, and may your stars align, Capricorn O'Riordan @rockyoriordan ♑️... @ForsterjpJoan It will be interesting to see if Donald and Melania relive their past lives in Germany and Scotland one more time.... @MellyE1208 @IsSabreen @nmumneh Thanks Melly. the history of S.A. is complicated. A transformation in the old balance of leadership and dominance. The stress of unemployment has caused a lot of health issues and to the point of borrowing money twice to pay for healthcare. A similar trajectory to the Pandemic Yod in the Age of Aqr progressed chart. In the meantime you need to heal. Please take a look at my chart and let me know your thoughts. I hope Jupiter gives me a fair go to be employed to pay bills. Essentially everyone born in the Sixties has Jupiter trine either/or Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, and so what looks like being a huge year of repair work in politics and big business, benefits their health, medical and alternative health care. People born in the 1990’s who are old enough to be your children. In welchen Häusern stehen sie? Let me share some good news with you! If you can help me, I would like to know what could happen when this conjunction and Saturn touch my Dsc? Your lifestyle. © 1996-2021 Goddess Media Limited. When I have no factors in Capricorn, , does this mean that none of this will effect me? Astrologers work with circular time. In fact you could easily find a new work or residential home as a result of what happens there. He is jovial (the word is derived from Jove, the alternative name for Jupiter) and has a good sense of humour. Your shoes and accessories. Refusing to budge. You’ll feel right at home, and be in total command. Study. History repeats and astrologers noticed. Hi. The ‘old man’ represented by Saturn in 2019 is going, going gone. And 100+ leading scientists from around the world yelling the facts. I am going to use that for you now regarding 2020. Jupiter was in charge of the whole world. 9:57:19 Paris . Mars conjunction Uranus is a sizzling combination that produces excitement, fireworks and electricity. Nach der epochalen Konjunktion von Saturn und Pluto im Steinbock am 12. Pallas Athena is also associated with protection. Social media. Unpaid roles and titles. SPR at first glance looks almost legit but minimal digging reveals a complete lack of transparency about who these guys even are, then their citing of the most dubious sources shows they are clearly NOT a bona fide research organization. I don’t know if you believe in Buddha, God or another higher power, but I would light a candle and pay for help if I were you. Jupiter brings questions. I love your website and Thank you for all the work you do…I forget to say this.. You will find the transits of Leo and your Fifth House make wonderful angles to your Jupiter in Aries in the First House, and your Mercury in Libra in the Seventh House. Much of this is karmic/past life as the North Node goes through Cancer and your Fourth House of family – as you know. My mom born on Jupiter Pluto conjuction in Leo 1943 Leo. From little acorns, bigger oak trees grow. You will cover more ground and get there faster, if you take the time out to reach deeply into a friendship which is part of a wider group. The conjunction between Jupiter, the benefactor with the big vision and Saturn, confronting us with obstacles and problems along the way we have to get ready. Jupiter, son of Saturn and brother of Pluto, always beats both of them in mythology, history and astrology. This is a brand of food that doesn’t readily exist. December 11th – Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 28 Sagittarius. Pluto is Always a Change in the Balance of Power. Thus, in 1943, Germany experienced Jupiter and Pluto himself, both at 6 Leo, in a semi-sextile. Hi Jessica, thank you for your article. It can sometimes be the person opposite you in a feud or dispute. Hi Jessica, So, let’s take a look. This time around, Jupiter and Pluto were at 6 Leo. This is all crumbling in favour of two new trends. Hey Jessica! You are a lucky person but should not take your good fortune for granted. Hi Jessica – thank you for this post – it’s a relief to hear that there is light beginning to break through this difficult, difficult year. If at 22 or 24 Virgo, in your Sixth House of work and health, the big moves at the top of business and politics will have a domino effect on your job. The zodiac sign that Jupiter and Pluto occupy, tells you what is going to happen. Aquarius – Your belief in God. Tenants. One politician in particular will have a huge charismatic appeal and big following. Sometimes born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Découvrez ci-dessous la signification des transits de Jupiter avec les autres planètes lentes. Wide knowledge and spiritual development are needed before you amass power and wealth. Put them together and you have ‘the biggest and best’ which Jupiter rules - and sheer power - which Pluto rules. Asteroids which complete the family tree of astrology that began with Mercury, Venus, Mars and the rest are essential. In modern astrology, we allow up to one degree’s difference (a one-degree orb) for prediction. If you ask yourself what the single most important event of the 20th century was, in relation to dating, love, sex and marriage – what would your reply be? Take each individual as a seperate person, get out of your own way, attend to what each person needs, yet try to remember the Aquarius rules. In December 2019, Jupiter moves into Capricorn and then from February 2020 through December 2020 is in a dance with both Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. Pluto is always a massive and permanent alteration leading to a different life. He could easily move back to his extended family and homeland – or just travel – even moving one more time. The one set for 11th May in the year 973 shows Pluto himself at 27 Leo. I feel that Placidus house system explains my natal planet positions and my character better than natural house system (Capricorn – 10H). No. This is very welcome after 12 months of Saturn’s gloom and doom. I am hoping that we will succeed in turning things around in the health care/natural medicine of the U.S. My son was recently diagnosed with a medical issue that ;may go away but has potential to be life threatening and we are exploring this as we wait to see results. Understand this and you get to the very heart of this person, not just now, but for years into the future.

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